Depending on the complexity and length of each specific case, Invisalign offers different systems of treatment. Which one is indicated for you?

The option of Invisalign® Lite is indicated for simpler and shorter treatment. In fact the maximum duration is around 7-8 months. If your teeth are slightly crooked, you have a small gap between your teeth, there are minor misalignments or rotations of teeth or maybe you have had an orthodontic treatment some years ago and with time some teeth have moved again, this could be for you.

On the other hand, Invisalign® Full is the complete treatment, people that look for an aesthetic treatment fall into this category. It can solve a wide range of cases that due to its complexity need a longer time to be corrected completely. Generally from 1 year of treatment with an average of 18 months. If your teeth are really crooked, you have severe bite problems (cross bite, overbite, dental protrusion or severe retrusion, severe overeruptions or inclinations…) or the gap between your teeth is a wide one, this system is made for you.

The technical differences between Lite and Full are:

Invisalign® Lite

  • It is limited to 14 aligners that will be changed every 15 days to a maximum of 7 months.
  • The materials for 1 refinement are included to detail any difficult movement that need to be improved after the treatment.
  • It is indicated to treat simple misalignments
  • It is cheaper than the other option but it is not applicable to all cases
  • Only 1 or 2 of this problems can be solved (not all 4 at the same time)
    • Crowding or spacing of less than 4 mm
    • Extrusion or intrusion of less than 2 mm
    • Expansion of less than 2mm per quadrant
    • Rotation of less than 20º


Invisalign® Full

  • Neither the number of aligners nor the length of treatment is limited during all the treatment.
  • This option include the materials up to 3 refinements
  • The guarantee includes 5 years, which means that if after the treatment is finished any tooth would misalign we would solve the undesired change with no cost of the aligners.
  • We can treat most of the malocclusions or alterations in your bite and teeth positions
  • It is more expensive than Lite but the results are worthy if you want a discreet orthodontic treatment and you are a disciplined person.