If you are looking through the web for information about how to improve your smile without feeling embarrassed while you wait to see the final result, this is your time!

Today around a 20-30 % of all the patients in the orthodontic offices are adults. Most of them, just like you, come to the office for cosmetic reasons and wants a treatment system that can´t be seen and that doesn´t change their lifestyle.

Among the most aesthetic treatment appliances that we can offer you are transparent aligners such as INVISALIGN or hidden braces that are set at the back of the teeth called INCOGNITO.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? Which one is better for you?

Today I will be talking about lingual braces, the ones that we use are gold cast and custom made to the shape of the back of your teeth, the brand is INCOGNITO by 3M.

Why have we chosen them? Being custom made they adapt perfectly to the back of your teeth, which mean that they are more comfortable than other brands because they are very close to the teeth´s surface and it makes it easier to talk. It makes it easier too to get used to them.

This is the only lingual brackets brand that allows you to plan digitally the treatment beforehand, which mean that the treatment time will be less as compared to the pre manufactured lingual brackets. Being digitally designed, it has exactly and only the desired movements that your case may need (movements may even be different between the right and left side of your bite).

ADVANTAGES OF INCOGNITO TREATMENT                                                                       

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  • It is totally invisible, the braces are hidden at the back of your teeth and can´t be seen.
  • It is very easy to talk with it and get used to having it in your mouth because it is a custom made appliance, the bracket base adapts perfectly to the shape of the inside of your teeth and the slot is very close to your teeth so the bulge is very small.
  • The treatment is planned digitally so you will be able to see the final result before starting with the treatment.
  • The control of the root movements is very precise so it is a great appliance to correct dental rotations and impacted canines, for instance.
  • It is an excellent appliance to expand the dental arches, as it pushes from the inside closer to the centre of mass we get more movement with less pressure.
  • It can be used with any type of malocclusion, just as any conventional braces can.
  • The appliance is fixed to the inside of your teeth, and since it is not removable, there is no concern that you may forget it inside a napkin at the restaurant for instance.
  • Because it is a personalised treatment, the treatment time is shorter.
  • You can have a cocktail, cola drink or coffee without being worried about stains in your appliance because it won´t get seen.
  • You can eat in a group without being concern about ending with a piece of lettuce trapped in between your appliance (it’s not visible from the inside).


  • During the first week you may hear a light lisp as you talk while you get used to having the braces on your teeth.
  • It is important to spend some extra time taking care of your dental hygiene using the interproximal tooth brush and waterpik to keep your teeth sparkly neat.
  • Every 6 months it is mandatory to have a professional dental cleaning to make sure that your gums are healthy during the whole treatment time.
  • As it happens with other fixed orthodontic appliances you can´t have hard or sticky food (such as bread sticks, bite on an apple, toffee candies,)
  • You need to choose an orthodontic specialist to have this kind of treatment because it is more difficult to work with it and to obtain the certification to be an Incognito provider as one of the requirements.


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