Do you want to improve your smile and you are looking for a discreet option that doesn´t limit your lifestyle? Do you want to keep your natural teeth unaltered? If you are concerned about the effect of lingual braces on your speech, diet, etc… I would like to share our experience with you.

As I mentioned in a previous post about aligners or hidden braces, the lingual braces that we use in our office are custom made.








This gives you plenty of advantages:

1.Their profile is very low, which means that the space between the inside of your teeth and the edge of the bracket is smaller than other lingual braces and the braces cemented outside.

2.When we use lingual braces our target is to align the outside face of the teeth. Here a problem is found because the same way our faces are not 100% symmetrical the right and left side teeth of the same person are also different. When generic lingual braces are used we need to add more cement to the base of some teeth to make sure that the arches are seen well aligned from the outside, this added material place the brackets distant from the teeth surface which means that the bracket gets bulkier

      3.With the custom made bracket the base adapts perfectly to the shape of the teeth and gets really close to them.

     4.To compensate for the asymmetries of the right and the left teeth, the orthodontic arches are custom made with a robotic arm that is fabricated specially for you. The adjustment of the intra arch asymmetries is solved with bends on these special arches and not by adding any more adhesive.

With this special features, even though you still notice that there is something attached to your teeth, they are really adapted very close to your teeth individually and you will adjust really soon.

Here you have some videos were you can listen to some of our patients speaking with the lingual appliance on.

If you want to make an appointment to get to know more about the options to solve your dental malocclusion and see and touch the different appliances that could be recommended to you, please call us for a complementary free appointment at 952 77 77 47 or send us an email to with your phone number telling us when the best time is to contact you.