1. Tooth loss from caries

Initial situation: 43 year old patient with tooth loss

Orthodontic appliance. Fixed brackets

Results: Centered midline, space distribution for placement of permanent prosthesis, correction of lateral/anterior cross bite, recover smile esthetics

Pérdida de piezas dentales por caries
Apiñamiento severo y mordida cruzada anterior

2. Severe crowding and anterior crossbite

Initial situation: 13 year old patient that consults for severe crowding, anterior crossbite and lack of upper jaw development

Orthodontic appliance: palatal expander (to promote upper jaw development), fixed brackets

Result: Resolution of crowding and correction of the anterior crossbite

3. Maxillary orthopedics. First and second phase of treatment

Initial situation: 9 year old patient with a unilateral right crossbite and an anterior open bite from lack of development of the upper jaw

Objectives: Create upper maxillary bone growth in width and length. Once the base of the bones are correctly placed, teeth crowding is resolved and teeth are arranged to achieve function and optimal esthetics

Results of the first phase: Resolution of the crowding and correction of the anterior cross bite. Wait for eruption of all the permanent teeth prior to beginning the second phase of treatment with fixed braces and correct the residual crowding

Ortopedia maxilar 1ª fase y 2ª fase de tratamiento