Today around 20-30 % of all the patients in the orthodontic offices are adults. Most of them, just like you, come to the office for cosmetic reasons and wants a treatment that can´t be seen and one that does not change their lifestyle.

Among the most aesthetic treatment appliances that we can offer you are transparent aligners such as INVISALIGN or hidden braces that are set at the back of the teeth called INCOGNITO.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? Which one is better for you?

Today I will be talking about thermoplastic aligners, the Brand that we use is Invisalign, they have develop a new material called SmartTrack, that it is more elastic and allow us to achieve softer and more constants movements, which means that we have more control of the orthodontic movements and it is more comfortable for you.


  • It is a very aesthetic treatment; the aligners are transparent and practically imperceptible.
  • It is very comfortable and fits like a glove because it is custom made for you.
  • It doesn´t have hooks nor wires and the edges are very soft
  • You take them out of your mouth to eat so you can keep the same diet as always.
  • You remove them to brush your teeth, which mean that you can easily keep an excellent hygiene the whole treatment time.
  • The treatment is planned digitally so you could see the final result before starting the treatment.
  • The treatment time is shorter now with the new generation material (SmartTrack), because it has a better grip and it is more elastic.
  • The check-ups are shorter and you can space the time between them allowing having appointments even every 3 months depending on the phase of treatment.
  • For teenagers there is a specific system with blue marks in the back of the molars that indicate if the patient has been using the appliance as prescribed to make sure of compliance.




  • Being a removable appliance you need to be careful where do you put it when you take it out of your mouth so that you don´t lose it.
  • The number of hours recommended for the appliance to work properly on your teeth is 22 hours. You have 2 hours a day to have your breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and brush your teeth. You need to be a disciplined person to see the results.
  • Some movements need auxiliaries in our teeth, and you may need to use attachments when the teeth are very rotated or misaligned
  • Drinking cola or red wine with the aligners on is not advised, the liquid will go between the aligner and the teeth and will be seen. The same is not true for transparent liquids such as water.
  • Some general dentists are certified to provide Invisalign treatments but we recommend you to look for a qualified orthodontist that have a profound knowledge on tooth movement and occlusion because at the end you would like to enjoy a beautiful smile with well aligned teeth as well as a comfortable and long lasting bite.


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