The material that is not for single use performs the following cycle, it is immersed in an ultrasonic tank containing a disinfectant liquid, thus the disincrustation of the remains adhering to the instruments and disinfecting them is produced. For this we use 2 ultrasonic devices from the BIOSONIC house.

The sterilizable material is placed in the autoclave where it is subjected to a sterilization cycle in sealed bags at a temperature of … 3 W & H SMOOTH STERILIZER, class A.

Pliers that are sensitive to the use of water vapor are sterilized in another special device for sterilization, but with dry heat.

All the rotating material (turbines, contra-angles, hand pieces) is lubricated and disinfected in another machine specially designed for it, since not only is the external part prepared, but also the inside of them is taken care of.

The chairs of the cabinet are designed exclusively for the orthodontic clinic, they are armchairs made in the USA, wide and with padding in which the lamp incorporates the chair from the ceiling and the table and the hoses necessary to carry out the works are separated of the chair to avoid the feeling of having everything on top of the patient.

It provides the patient with the necessary comfort, so that he is totally relaxed during the placement and adjustment of the devices.

The design of the box is designed to guarantee maximum hygiene for the patient.

Equipamiento Ortodoncia NB Marbella

Ultrasound Biosonic

Equipamiento Ortodoncia NB Marbella

Autoclave Lisa W&H, clase A

Dry heat sterilizer

Lubrication and disinfection rotary NSK care 3 plus