Do you think that becoming taller, slimmer or smarter will improve your self-esteem? Different studies have shown that people with the highest self-esteem are the ones that take better care of their health and takes pride on their looks as a reflection of how they feel inside. It is an endless positive loop; the better you feel the better you want to be.

Today our patients already have high self-esteem and as they come to our office, they want to go further with a smile that makes them feel 100% proud.

Having an orthodontic treatment improves your health? Yes, it makes you more careful with your oral hygiene and improve the habit of visiting your dentist regularly for checkups so you would have less risk of cardiovascular problems. After an orthodontic treatment your teeth keep healthier longer, which means you can have your natural teeth all your life.

A great design of your smile can improve many things, not only the way you look on a selfie. Would you like to be complimented on your beautiful smile? You would like to smile all the time!! You look at life from a different perspective and life will answer you with more smiles.

The effect of a spectacular smile will last all your life, would you like be famous for your delightful smile?

Your smile is the most striking part of your face. Cheer up and take a selfie, do you like your actual smile? Can it be improved?

These are some signs of a smile that can be improved with orthodontic treatment (1):