If you have chosen to have orthodontic treatment with braces whether they may be aesthetic, metallic or hidden behind your teeth, probably you would like to know how they adhere to your teeth.

Braces are like handles that allow us to hold your teeth in order to move them. Once your orthodontic treatment is finished they need to be removed so we do need a material that it is strong enough to hold your brackets in position for as long as the treatment last but also removable at the end of your treatment.

If your teeth have calculus deposits, you would be advised to contact your dentist to have a professional cleaning done a few days ahead to avoid the fluids from your gums from wetting your teeth and thus hinder adhesion.

Let´s assume that you had a prophylaxis done already, then we would just clean the surface of your teeth where we are going to place the bracket with pumice or prophy paste. Afterwards, we would set the cheek retractor on your mouth to make sure that your teeth are dry and avoid the saliva from wetting them.

Now you are ready. A gel that will help us obtain a mechanical retention on your teeth surface is applied and is left for 30 seconds to work. If you would have a porcelain crown, zirconium or metal we would use a different gel to prepare the surface and we would need to wait for a couple of minutes more to let it work.

We wash and dry your teeth and depending on the adhesive sometimes we use a primer on the surface of your teeth and your brackets and some other times we only use composite.

The surface of the brackets have a mesh or micro retentions that improve the mechanical adhesion so that we have 2 bonds, mechanical and chemical between the bracket-composite and the composite and the enamel.

Once the brackets are ready they are place over your teeth with special tweezers that have very fine tips, we would then bond them one by one in the centre of each clinical crown or all at the same time depending on the kind of brackets that we are using.

The adhesives gets hard as we activate them with light. The process is called photopolimerization. If you had fillings done you would have probably seen the lamp already as it is the same and it gives a typical blue light. This lamps only needs 5 seconds to activate the composite, we would pass it over each of your teeth to make sure that all of them are well bonded.

When they are all set, we place the orthodontic wire. Your treatment has then started!!

Is it painful to have the brackets bonded? Except for the fact that you will need to be a while with your mouth open and the lips retractor in place to avoid the surface of your teeth to be contaminated by moist, NO, bonding the brackets to the teeth and hardening the adhesive with ultraviolet light is not painful at all.

If you want to see your teeth straight and you would like to know what type of treatment with fit you better, approximately the treatment time and the cost you can make a free consultation with our doctors at 952 77 77 47. It´s time to be proud of your smile!!