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Have you ever look at that misaligned tooth and thought… well it is not so bad? We usually worry when something affects our smile aesthetics seriously but a few degrees of an inclined tooth can cause a domino effect that can not only affect the way we chew but also the look of our face.

Today I want to show you the case of a patient whose upper right canine erupted a little bit inclined towards the inside and shifted the whole mandible, when this happen as the tooth appear slowly in the mouth she got used to the new position and didn´t pay much attention to it. To avoid the contact she moved her mandible to the right so that the teeth on that side could chew the food but on the other side the teeth were so far apart that she couldn´t use them to masticate.

If this position wasn’t corrected, as time goes by, there would have been an inflammation of the mandible joint on the right side due to the pressure over it and if this persists, the condyle on that side could have been shortened causing a permanent deviation to the right of the lower part of the face.

This prolonged deviation can also cause headaches, neck and back pain.

As we coordinated the shape of the dental arches and solved the cross bite on the right side, she started to eat better and the possibility of a joint degeneration stopped.

Do you want to know if the misalignment of your teeth is affecting your bite? Does it happen to your children? If you have any doubts call us and we will explain to you if what you have is affecting only your smile or if it is causing a functional problem on your mouth.