I have crowns and/or veneers in my teeth, can I have orthodontic treatment?

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If you have crowns or veneers and you want to style your smile, you have different options depending on the condition of your teeth and your life demands.

You may opt for transparent removable appliances like Invisalign that is practically invisible and allows you to eat and brush your teeth as usual. In this case it doesn´t matter if you have a restoration because Invisalign adjusts to the shape of your teeth like a glove.

Another option is fixed appliances that can be made of metal, porcelain or even cemented on the back or your teeth (hidden braces totally invisible). If this is the case, the artificial surface needs to be prepared with liquids and gels to create micro-mechanical retentions. Using the right agents to create this bond is key to have a strong adhesion between the tooth surface and the bracket. Once the surface is ready, the cementation of brackets is exactly the same as with natural teeth.

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