Invisalign for teenagers: invisible orthodontics to be proud of your smile from the beginning

I get pimples, my hair is greasy, my glasses cover half of my face and now I need to wear braces!!

Do you remember your teenage years? Would you like to make it easier for your children? Modern clear aligners have a special system for children: INVISALIGN TEEN that makes their smile shine!

Invisalign Teen is designed for teenager’s teeth and children with mixed dentition.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does. To get the ideal result that you want it is essential to be very disciplined and responsible with usage (minimum 22 hours a day). It is a very predictable treatment because before ordering the aligners, a virtual treatment is generated, reviewed and modified base on the individual need or desires of the patient. The treatment plan and final result is viewed even before commencing treatment.

1.-Are you worried if your child has the aligners placed or if it is in their bags? With the compliance indicators you can verify patient cooperation: they are blue dimples that lose their color as the patient wears the aligners until they turn practically transparent. The hours of usage can be verified with this system.

2.- And if you lose them? This system for teenagers includes free replacement of up to 6 aligners just in case.

3.- You still have a tooth waiting to erupt? Better to wait? With the software for treatment planning, a guide can be designed for the tooth to erupt; in a way that we create the needed space as the tooth finishes erupting in its final position.


With these aligners, you can eat anything, practice all kinds of sports, play any musical instrument; there will be no incidents of loose brackets or irritating wires that stick out. The best part too is that dental hygiene is very easy. Not only is the appliance practically invisible but also your teeth can be maintained clean stupendously.

If you are an adult and would like to have the advantages of teen aligners (the compliance indicators and the replacement aligners in case you’ve forgotten any) These kinds of aligners with these characteristics can also be used in your case.

Are there easy payment schemes for Invisalign Teen?

In all our orthodontic treatment, you can count on easy payment schemes you can avail from. You can choose between:

  • Financing without interest 100% of the treatment of up to 36 months
  • Financing with interest up to 5 years
  • Direct debit
  • Discount of 5% for early payment

If you have any questions or doubt please don’t hesitate to contact or better yet, drop by for a complimentary full clinical evaluation. That way we can evaluate your case in a more personalized manner. Call us at 952 77 77 47 or send us an email at and we shall call you.