Welcome to NB Kidz Club

The best thing about working in an orthodontic clinic is that we have a lot of joy, because we dedicate ourselves to improving the smile of many people. So that you also laugh with us, even though you do not need orthodontics, we have created:

Our club is for chic @ s like you, who like to have fun and take care of their teeth. The best thing about belonging to the club are all the advantages that you will be able to enjoy. You can participate in games, contests, raffles and activities with Super Cool awards.

You will receive hobbies and information about dental health to be able to show off everything you know about your teeth.

You will get exclusive material to communicate with the Ratoncito Pérez and so surprise him.

We will give you a certificate and a personalized card so that everyone knows that you are “from the NB Kidz Club tribe”.

Every 6 or 12 months, when you come to visit, you will be given a flouration so that you have much stronger teeth.

And in addition, you receive a 10-20% discount on your orthodontic treatment which will make your Mum and Dad very happy

*20% on orthodontic case study and 10% on orthodontic treatment