We are very happy to share with you that Dr. Mónica Martínez León, has started to come to our office on Fridays from 14:30 h to 19:30 h.

After becoming a Medical doctor, studying Dentistry and specializing in Children Dentistry at the University, she has been working as a Paediatric Dentist for more than 25 years. To achieve this milestone not only do you need to know quite a lot of dentistry but also you need empathy and connection with children to make sure that the children are relaxed during the treatment and that they enjoy their appointments.

But, Who is a Paediatric dentist?

Well, it is a dentist who has finished dentistry and after which has specialized for two more years in the field of pediatric dentistry to be able to treat children from 0 (some babies are born with baby teeth already) to 14 years of age. The same as a medical Paediatrician.

What can a Paediatric Dentist do for my children?

The main focus is the prevention of buccal and dental illness such as: baby bottle caries (when kids sleep with sugar cover pacifier or baby bottle,…), give advice about diet, tooth brushing, oral habits (thumb sucking,…)

Treatment of caries and dental nerves (pulpotomies, pulpectomíes,…)

Correction of dental malformation or missing teeth: enamel or dentine deficiency, dental fluorosis,  amelogenesis imperfecta …

Dental traumas: very common in infants and teenagers

Early detection of malocclusions due to habits or breathing problems that alter the growth of the jaw bones

Even though most of the time it is not necessary, Dr. Martínez León also offers sedation treatment in her office for those cases where there is a lot of dental pathology and cases to make the treatment more relaxing for the very anxious child.


Team Dra. Mónica Martínez León Odontopediatric, Who is on fridays in Clinic Nakpil Bueno


To ask for an appointment or information you may call 952 30 30 79 / 697377070 from 10:00 to 19:00. Whatsapp : 697377070, Pilar o Rosa. Email : consulta@martinezleon.es

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