A few days ago we were invited to give a workshop on oral health to the Deutsche Schule in Marbella. We have been there last year and we knew we were going to enjoy sharing our day with them. Being in contact with young students fills us up with energy.
The workshop had two parts, one theoretical and one practical. To prepare the practices we were at the school a couple of days before and placed eggs in different mediums to study the reaction of the egg Shell to each one.


We also taught them a bullet proof method to whiten the teeth in children and teenagers (the chemical products that are use professionally can only be used legally from 16 years of age)

We also introduced them to the new orthodontic appliances for teenagers: Invisalign teen, self-ligating brackets, aesthetic brackets and lingual or hidden braces.
We want to thank the students their participation and interest through the whole workshop and especially to Mrs. Mª Luisa Molina who organized every detail over the top.