If you are travelling this summer you still need to take care of your teeth. Remember to bring with you:

  1. Carrying bag or case

It is important to bring everything that is needed; ideally it should be small and doesn’t take up a lot of space. We gave you one at the start of treatment and if you had lost it please inform us and we would gladly replace it.

     2. Toothbrush

 Bring it with you even if you’re out for “tapas”. Take it along too if you go out on a field trip.

If you have braces, whether it be lingual or normal braces, we recommend that you use a special toothbrush designed for orthodontics that have shorter bristles in the center and longer on the outer part ( V-shaped) to be able to clean easier on top and under the braces.

If you’re wearing transparent aligners, it’s best that you use a regular médium to soft bristles with a small head insrtead of an orthodontic toothbrush. This would allow you to clean hard to reach áreas.

If you’re using an electric toothbrush, you can take it with you in its own carrying case, making sure that the battery is 100% charged. Take note though that if you will be moving around a lot, it would be best to take a manual toothbrush which would be lighter to bring.

   3. Travel tooth paste

 Travel tooth paste, because of its small size is convenient to bring and fits perfectly on a small travel case.

Pick yours up in the clinic; know that you always have it available when you come for a check-up.

Also important is the amount of fluoride that it contains, in case of sensitive gums you can use toothpaste that contains Triclosan or any light disinfectant. In case of sensitivity Prevdent  has a line of toothpaste and mouthwash that is great for remineralizing the enamel and also serves as a prevention of cavities as well as resolve sensitivity. You can get it at our clinic as it is not available in pharmacies.

4. Interproximal toothbrush

These small toothbrushes are great for cleaning in between the brackets and archwires. It is used differently in non-orthodontic patients since it is only used to clean around the brackets.

In the front region it is used straight and in the back part you can bend it with your finger to make it easier to reach the area between the molars.

It is advisable to change it each month and if you go on a camping trip for a month or so it would be advisable to bring one or two extra interproximal toothbrushes (in case it gets misplaced).

 5. Mouthwash

To have gums and teeth healthy it is important to have an amount of flouride, to be sure it is better to buy the mouthwash at the pharmacy instead of the supermarket. Some mouthwash is specific for orthodontics which may be useful, it also comes in different flavors (strawbwrry, mint, Apple,…choose the one you like best!)

In the clinic we give out small samples which you can refill end put it in your travel case which you can then use when you’re away from home.

If you have any gum problems, we recommend that you use one that contains Triclosan to assist in the elimination of bacteria. Prevdent also come in mouthwash form for sensitivity and the prevention of cavities.

Do not use mouthwash that contains alcohol which would dry the mucosa and end up irritating the tissues in your mouth.

6. Orthodontic wax

Even if you have had orthodontic treatment for months and never had the need to use it remember that it is fundamental! Just when you’re in the middle of nowhere taking that perfect photo when something in your braces pops up and gets out of place.

It’s like an umbrella, when you have it you surely won’t need it but it’s better to have it Handy and not to have something bothering you ruining your trip.

Remember to re stock when you come over to the clinic or come over and prepare your kit.


7. Intermaxillary elastics

If you were instructed to use these elastics remember to place a pack in your case and change them as needed.

8. Clorhexidina gel

If after much chattering you end up with some sores, take a tube of gel to put it in the wound and it should cure in 1 to 2 days.

9. The best way to prevent unforeseen events is prevention:

Remember that when eating, we recommend avoiding all that you cannot pinch with a fork, and sticky food as well (coffee candy, gum, sugus,…)

10. Nail file:

If you are using orthodontic aligners, rarely it may happen that a side of the edge is not polish enough and you may find it uncomfortable, if that is the case you can use a nail file (better a new one) to smooth the edges.