In our clinic Ortodoncia Nakpil-Bueno, we specialize exclusively in orthodontic treatments. Each patient and in each stage of life require a specific treatment. The most frequent orthodontic situations that we encounter in the clinic are the following:

treatment orthodontics for children

tratamientos odontologicos para niños

In children treatment: Growing patients. Interceptive orthodontics and orthopedics

  1. Upper maxillary deficiency
  2. Mandibular deficiency
  3. Anterior crossbite

treatment orthodontics for adolescents

tratamientos odontologicos para adolescentes

Treatment for teenagers/adolescents: At this age we treat mainly the dental malposition and mild to moderate skeletal problems

  1. Crowding
  2. Spacing
  3. Open bite
  4. Impaction and retained teeth

Treatment orthodontics for Adults

tratamientos odontologicos para adultos

Treatment for adults: The complexity of treatment does not depend on patient age but on the state of the oral health

  1. Skeletal alteration of the maxillas: orthodontic and orthognathic surgery
  2. Loss or missing teeth without rehabilitation: Preprosthetic orthodontics
  3. Orthodontics to recover esthetics after periodontal treatment


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