Excellent Results

Exhaustive study

We believe that a complete diagnosis is essential to give each patient options according to their situation, advising the patient on multidisciplinary treatments if necessary (implants, dental cosmetics, contouring of gums, …)

That something more than differentiated aligned teeth of an attractive smile.

We not only look at teeth, our treatment goals value:

– Facial aesthetics

– Dental Aesthetics

– Periodontal health

– Joint health

– Stability

– Airway patency

Filosofía Clínica Dental Marbella

Excellent materials

Taking advantage of the knowledge acquired in the courses that are attended each year, we are incorporating into our practice new proven materials that make treatments more comfortable for the patient, either by reducing discomfort or because they need less frequent activation, facilitate hygiene, …

Newest systems and techniques

We are also incorporating new treatment techniques such as self-ligating brackets (Innovation), lingual orthodontics (Incognito), orthodontics with transparent aligners (Invisalign), aesthetic brackets (Clarity Advance) …

Surrounding ourselves with Exceptional People

We like what we do, we like to help you improve your smile.

We want to transmit our enthusiasm and our knowledge so that you get the maximum benefit from your visits.

Continuing Education

An important percentage of the benefits is allocated annually to the external training of doctors and auxiliary personnel. Likewise, every month we hold meetings in which we design and revise programs that allow us to put into practice what we have learned and improve the quality of the visits and the result of the treatment.

In summary, our mission is

Improve your self-esteem or your hij @ creating healthy and beautiful smiles with the desire to smile without stopping.

Provide a fun environment where the treatment time becomes a learning time, providing the necessary information to maintain the results obtained.

Our commitment is the correction of malocclusions through individualized planning for each patient in order to provide them with a professional solution, at the forefront of current knowledge and techniques.