Growing patients, interceptive orthodontics and orthopedics: 

These treatments have the objective of directing the growth of jaws; therefore it is carried out during the growing age, fundamentally from 7 to 12 years of age.

The Spanish Orthodontic Society, The European Association of orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontics recommend orthodontic check-up for the first time at 7 years of age so as to assess the eruption of the first permanent molars which is the key to occlusion

The majority of children do not need treatment at these ages but a small percentage might show signs of severe malocclusion which can be corrected or redirected to minimize the impact on bone growth and subsequently the appearance of the face. When the malocclusion exists at these ages, it is usually a functional cause. May be from habits (thumb sucking, atypical swallowing, overuse of pacifier), from respiratory problems (enlarged tonsils, adenoids allergies) or anatomic (tooth loss from trauma or caries, low insertion of the lingual frenum) which alters oral function (breathing, mastication, phonation).

If the cause is not corrected and anatomy and function is not recovered, the natural process would be that the situation would worsen with growth.

If habits, anatomic alterations and respiratory problems (with the aid of the ORL, pediatrician, maxillofacial surgeon depending on each case) are corrected at an early age, the same growth can terminate and correct bone mal position.

These patients usually need two phases of treatment, a first phase of correction of skeletal malposition and a second phase in adolescence (with brackets) to correct dental malposition.

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