This new generation of brackets is our standard bracket. What makes it efficient is its SELF LIGATING system. It is smaller and rounder than its predecessors. Since it does not need elastic ties, it is even more discreet, furthermore elastic ties retain bacterial plaque that can consequently irritate the gums. Innovation brackets are more hygienic.

We are currently using next generation self-ligating brackets which are smaller and makes the alignment phase go faster (because of its design, friction between the slot of the bracket and the arch is minimized thus favor movement). These are our standard brackets because we want the best for you.

These brackets are more hygienic than those tied with elastics because elastics are porous and end up being stained by food. In time it also loses its elasticity which is why orthodontic visits are required every 4 weeks wherein self-ligating braces, approximately can be spaced until 12 weeks apart (which make it more practical for the patient’s individual schedule)


Porcelain brackets of high translucency that has an esthetic advantage over metallic, especially in adults, wherein tooth color is mimicked and gives a discreet look during orthodontic treatment



In patients with slight or moderate orthodontic needs, we recommend the use of INVISALIGN which is a system of transparent aligners custom fabricated for each patient. The aligners are used during the whole day (except for eating and tooth brushing) and obtain very satisfactory results with excellent esthetics and comfort in the duration of treatment. Dental movement are planned previously using a sophisticated software that permits treatment planning step by step so that the patient can see the sequence of tooth movement until the final result.

The doctors are certified in the use of Invisalign correctors since 1998. The treatment is carried out through transparent aligners which are changed every few weeks in order to achieve the desired dental position while no bracket is used in the mouth. It also gives a nice reflective shine on the teeth.


Brackets can also be placed hidden on the inner surface of the teeth. As the teeth align, improvement of the position of the teeth is noted without noticing the presence of the orthodontic corrector.

The system that we chose for our clinic is Incognito. Each bracket is custom made to fit the surface of each individual tooth. Both the bracket and the wire has been computer fabricated utilizing 30 impressions which is then rendered in metal. It is a system totally discreet and as it is fabricated custom made, it hardly exceeds the tooth surface making adaptation easy and speech is not affected making it the braces of choice for public speakers.

In adults that have different challenges that frequently need participation of other professionals to correct the cause and achieve better esthetics and functional results that would endure in time.

The doctors are certified in using these correctors since 2008. The brackets are cemented behind the teeth making them totally invisible. Brackets cast in gold and the arch wires fabricated to meet the needs of each patient. These are low profile brackets that are individualized for each patient and are more comfortable than traditional lingual braces.


We offer you the possibility to customize your treatment devices with your name and the design that you like the most. End-of-treatment retainers can also be created in your style.