Your body changes all the time, your teeth and gums are biologic tissues and while there is life “change is the only constant”. During your orthodontic treatment your appliances have move your teeth to a new position, once the braces or aligners are removed your teeth still have stimulus to keep moving:

  1. Masticatory forces
  2. Lips pressure
  3. Tongue
  4. Periodontal ligaments

Stability depends on the forces present in your mouth, some people have a lot of strength in their lips, others chew more on one side, others push with their tongues the anterior teeth every time they swallow,…and add to all this that teeth move as we age.

Your cheeks look different now than as a child, eyes tend to look smaller with as an adult. As times goes by we can see wrinkles or white hair that wasn´t there before. With time the lower teeth tend to get crooked easily and the colour of the teeth tend to get darker. The upper lip loose flexibility and we end up showing more of the lower teeth that are usually misaligned.

To avoid losing this perfect alignment that you have as you finish your orthodontic treatment, the 2nd part of the treatment starts, it is the passive phase or retention phase.

At Ortodoncia Nakpil Bueno the same day that your appliance is remove we give you provisional retainers that are transparent and you will only use to sleep. A few days later when the permanent retainers are ready we will change them to fixed or removable retainers according to your needs.

Does it makes sense that orthodontic retention is as important as the active treatment? Have your teeth move after your orthodontic treatment? If you would like to have them realigned you can make an appointment with our doctors calling us at 952 77 77 47 it is free of charge and you can get to know how can they be realigned and how long will it take.