Providing quality orthodontic care involves more than just making sure that your bite and dental health are excellent.

Patients in our office answered in a survey that cleanliness of the facilities was one of the key points they value most on us. Having a clean and fresh environment is only a reflection of the care we take in all the processes of the office.

As a patient is important for you to feel in a safe environment, totally secure where you can relax. The basic protocols are:

  1. Both doctors and the clinical staff use new sterile gloves for every patient
  2. For all the procedures we use one use mask or transparent shields
  3. As a patient you will use protective glasses during your visit to avoid any liquid splash or any tip of wire that could damage your sight
  4. All the instruments are disinfected, bagged individually for every patient and sterilized after every use and marked with the date of the sterilization process. If there would be an instrument that has not been use in 3 months we will repeat the process even if the bag is not open at all.
  5. The appliances that cannot be sterilized or doesn´t come in a disposable format is disinfected in an ultrasonic bath which helps to remove the adhesives, saliva rests, that may be adhere to it. Afterwards it is also bagged individually.
  6. The surfaces of the dental chairs are disinfected with a special chemical agents
  7. For the areas with most use of the dental chair we use disposable plastics or papers change after every patient to maintain a sanitary and safe environment.
  8. Dental wires, ligatures and brackets that are not needed are cast aside in a special container for sharp objects that are removed periodically by a biological waste gathering company.
  9. We do not recycle braces in our office from one patient to the next, first for hygienic and ethical reasons and second because at the end of the treatment when we remove the braces the slot will be damage and give a wrong information to the teeth of the next patient.

We have 2 different sterilization machines and two ultrasonic baths. One of the sterilization machines uses pressurized steam and the other use dry heat (which is special for the orthodontic pliers to maintain the hinges in perfect conditions).

All this takes time to prepare the instruments, the sterilization bags, the disinfectant liquids, glasses, masks, space to keep all of it… but wouldn´t you go the extra mile to take care of your own family?

Next time you sit on the dental chair, look at the bags on the table, some days when we start opening bags it looks like Christmas day. Would it be good to have a more eco-friendly way of doing it? Yes, of course but in the main time the most important for us is your safety and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are following the strictest medical standards.

Do you have any question about cleaning protocols? Please contact us or leave a comment and we will give answer you.